Our staff

L-Ekspresis’ staff are our greatest asset. Our staff members are professional, expierenced and work well together as a team, they also have very good technical knowledge of railway transportation. Our attendants are caring and attentive in providing good services en-route. Together we have an excellent relationship both inside and outside of our work. Our staff are very diverse – they travel, take pictures, engage in sports, collect, sing, dance, study and do many other interesting things.


Our staff members are ambitious enough to respond to the challenges given to them and to continue developing their careers in our company. No development can be considered without investing in ongoing professional competence. We carefully assess available training by looking for the most appropriate education required for each staff memmber to attain their goals. We have numerous success stories of staff members who have devoted a great part of their lives to the company and continue in our team today. We are proud of them. Achieving great goals is possible only by mutual cooperation between the company and its staff – one entrusting, the other daring.


We offer stable remuneration and social security to our staff, as well as health and accident insurance. We are proud of our bonus systems that are based on work outcomes and are thus very effective and motivating.