Repair workshops

Repairs are performed in the following repair workshops

Coach repair shop:

body, wooden lathing, insulation, inner room equipment, window, door, water supply and heating system, furniture, sanitary equipment, water heating equipment, restaurant coach kitchen equipment repairs; coach painting; coach technical maintenance before the journey is performed in the shop as well.

Coach wheel and auto coupling device repair shop:

coach wheel frame, spring, coupling (amortisation plate suspension bar), central spring suspension repair as well as repair of cross-beams, axle bearings, slot bearings, sliders, hydraulic oscillation dampeners, halters, brake lever gear and pneumatic systems, auto coupling equipment, transfer areas, buffer sets; brake operation tests and adjustment after installation on the coach.

Wheel pair repair shop:

  • wheel pair inspection;
  • repair, testing;
  • revision and repair of axle bearing nodes;
  • repair of roller bearings;
  • coach generator drive reducer repair.

Electrical and refrigerating equipment repair shop:

repair of generators, electrical motors, batteries, electrical devices, electrical blocks, electrical measuring tools, electrical heaters and heating elements, distribution boxes, electrical device panels and bodies, generator drive cardan gear clutch, straightening devices, alarm and lighting fittings, inter-coach couplings, radio communications, radio equipment and telephone devices, air conditioning devices, lighting and ventilation devices, restaurant coach refrigerating devices and household electrical devices in the coaches.

Automatic brake control point:

brake device, air distributor, automatic braking mode regulator, brake transfer lever automatic regulator, reservoir, brake cylinder, brake spigot, disconnection spigot, exhaust valve, connecting collar, machine operator spigot repair and inspection.