Passenger transportation – hand luggage

  • FREE – hand luggage up to 36 kg and the sum of three dimensions not exceeding 200 cm.
  • It is allowed to transport electronic, household, video appliance and audio appliances as hand luggage in the passenger coach in the place of the passenger if its dimensions in the sum of three dimensions do not exceed 200 cm.
  • It is allowed to transport bicycles in disassembled and packed state within the hand luggage allowance, if the dimensions allow placement into the designated place for hand luggage.
  • It is allowed to transport folding baby carriages and wheelchairs as hand luggage above the weight allowance, if the baby or disabled person is travelling on this train.
  • Passengers are not allowed to carry animals on international trains, except pets (dogs, cats, birds).
  • Pets should be transported in separate compartment not more than 2 pets in a compartment.
  • If weight of hand baggage exceeds 36 kg, but does not exceed 50 kg, the passenger must pay overweight as for 20 kg of hand baggage. 


Flammable items; items that may damage the coach or items of other passengers, or smear those; specifically smelling items. It is forbidden to transport explosive, toxic, caustic and radioactive items, loaded weapons and items prohibited for transportation by the customs regulations.


Customs regulations with respect to hand luggage when travelling outside the EU

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