Passengers may take with them pets – dogs, cats and birds, provided they have appropriate veterinary documents. Pets (cats, dogs and birds) must be placed in special containers (cages, boxes or baskets) and stored in places designated for hand luggage, not exceeding the luggage space free allowance. 

Dogs that do not travel in special containers must be kept on a lead and be muzzled. These dogs can be carried in a separate compartment (not more than 2 dogs in a compartment) of a compartment car and also in the cars of higher class. Passengers must pay adult fare according to the number of berths in a compartment that are not occupied by passengers travelling with this dog.

In case a carrier does not have a possibility to organize a pet transportation, the pet will not be transported. 

Passengers may take pets with them free of charge.

Each passenger is responsible for storing hand luggage and for accompanied pets (dogs, cats, birds) himself.

Each passenger must comply with the rules of sanitary hygiene of carried pets (dogs, cats, birds) and should provide the respective treatment of wagon.