TAX FREE refund

When entering (leaving) the EU from (to) a county outside the EU, it is possible to purchase for personal use and bring in goods without paying VAT and excise tax by shopping at tax-free or duty free shops at airports, ports, as well as shops in town.

Refund of taxes for goods taken out of Latvia and purchased at Tax Free Shopping shops in Latvia (recognised by a sticker in the shop window) is made upon presenting the goods and their purchase receipts in the customs zone and several land customs points.

It is possible to receive 16% of the value of the product back, if the sum of purchases made in one shop is LVL 30.51.

1. When purchasing, a personal identification document should be presented and a Global Refund receipt drafted.

2. Upon leaving the EU, such receipt should be stamped in the customs zone by presenting the purchased (unused) goods.

3. Travellers by train should deliver the receipt to the customs officer to stamp and should mail the stamped receipt to Global Refund Latvia by indicating their bank details.

Tax compensation is within 3 months to  the person indicated on the purchase receipt.

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