About Stations

Moscow: Riga’s station

Riga’s station – Moscow railway Moscow-Riga passenger station’s building official title. One of Moscow railway stations, situated in Riga’s square, at the crossing of Mir prospect and Sushchevskogo val. Until 1930 the title of the station was "Vindavskiy", until 1942 – "Baltiyskiy", until 1946 – "Rzhevskiy".
On 31 July 2004 at the Moscow-Riga station the Museum of railway equipment was opened, in which more than 40 examples of domestic and trophy steam locomotives, wagons, ballast cleaning machines and other are situated.
In the same way, from station Moscow-Riga four times a week at 12.00 o’clock (on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) retro train with steam locomotive traction is going on excursion until station Podmoskovnaya (alongside is platform Krasniy Baltiec), where excursions in the depot are given ("Steam locomotive walkabout").

In the Riga’s station are situated Scientifically-technical information centre of Open JSC "RZD" and Centre of innovative development, in which exhibition centre of innovations in the railway transport are situated (entrance in the opposite side of the Museum of railway equipment). 

Near Riga station the metro station Rizhskij is situated, using which in approximately 10 minutes the Sport complex “Olimpiyskiy” or VDNH may be reached. Thanks to the circumstance, that station is situated near the Third hoist ring and simultaneously on the Mir prospect, than by the on-road transport the centre of the city may be reached, the region – by Jaroslavkoe highway, as well as east or west of the capital may be reached.

Riga’s station service phone numbers:

information department: (495)6311588, (495)2668512 (diennakts)
station person on duty: (495)2668172
luggage department: (495)2668130
cloak room: (495)2666230
lost and found department: (495)2666230



Saint-Petersburg: Vitebskiy station

Vitebskiy station is the terminus station of the first Russian railway. It linked Saint Petersburg with Tsar Selo, and was called Tsarkoselskoe, the same title was used then also for Vitebskiy station. The road was built under the guidance of the professor of Vienna Polytechnic institute Frans Anton fon Gerstner. In accordance with his plan, the station should have been situated ashore of the Fontanka. Nonetheless, the financing was enough only for the construction of the railway and the station in the Tsar Selo, the planned expenses for the construction of the railway were significantly overdrafted. At that time it was decided to construct temporary station on the Semenovskiy platz near the Zagorodnij prospect, which was performed.

The Vitebskiy station is situated near the metro station "Pushkinskaya". 

Public transport: Trolleys: Nr. 3,8,15,17, Tram No.14, fixed-route taxi No. 15, 25, 34, 90, 177, 258, 285, 336, 338.

Vitebskiy station service phone numbers:

station person on duty: (812) 768-59-39
police department:  (812)768-53-42
luggage department:  (812)768-57-93
first-aid point:  (812)768-59-76
rest-room:  (812)768-52-29
information department:  (812)055
ticket booking:  (812)067



Riga: Central railway station

The Riga Central railway station has gone to past, currently it has become a small part of the huge shopping centre "Origo". The concrete was replaced by glass and plastic. But the first station was built of wood and bricks. It was started to be constructed in the time of Aleksandr Suvorov – the Riga general governor, the grandson of the great military leader. During the lay of the foundations of the building in may of the 1858 he personally threw the first mortar of the cement in the foundations. The silver hawk, used by Suvorov has found its place in the funds of the Riga history museum. The formal opening ceremony was on 12 October 1861. The station was called Dinaburg’s – the first feeder linked the capital of that time Vidzeme with current Daugavpils. The main building was a two-storey wooden building, later on lateral three-storey wings from the bricks were added to the building. The ancestor of the current station has two open platforms and four railways. The platform could be reached only by passing through the control point, where the departures showed the tickets. There were also special tickets for the attendants – platform tickets. These remained also during the time of the First republic and their price was 10 santims.

In Riga there is one railway station, it is situated in the centre of the city, in 5 minutes walk from the Old City, near the bus terminal and the terminal of Jurmala fixed-route taxis. (Jurmala may be reached by the electric train, and also by the fixed-route taxis).