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Homepage offers a service of purchasing tickets for individual persons and legal entities by concluding the contract of carriage on the Internet and paying the fare by payment cards, as well as an option of ticketless journey.

It is possible to purchase tickets for the journey in international passenger trains of LDZ formation going on routes Riga – Moscow, Riga - St. Petersburg and Riga - Minsk, both in international and domestic traffic (in both directions).

The service of a ticketless journey is available on trains going on route Riga-Moscow and Riga-St. Petersburg and Riga - Minsk (in both directions).

When purchasing a single or return ticket, it is required to apply for a ticketless journey for each train separately.

To purchase tickets on the Internet, it is required to:

  1. register;
  2. get acquainted with terms and Conditions for Purchase and Return of Tickets that determine rules for ordering and payment for tickets, collecting them at LDZ ticket office, return and refund of tickets not used for the journey, and to confirm the agreement on conclusion of the contract of carriage according to the above mentioned Terms and Conditions, and on usage of passenger personal data required for purchasing tickets;
  3. confirm the correctness of order details;
  4. confirm the correctness of journey details and passenger data;
  5. confirm the agreement for a ticketless journey in the international passenger train or reject the option.

Please pay your attention!

If the passenger rejects the option of a ticketless journey, tickets that are ordered and paid on the Internet on homepage, before the journey are to be collected at LDZ ticket office.

The money for tickets not used for the journey (refund) is transferred only to the client bank account, after visiting LDZ ticket office and collecting a paper ticket.

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