SIA „L-Ekspresis”

“L-Ekspresis” provides freight wagon repair, service life extension, technical maintenance of various types of passenger wagons, regular and capital repairs, wagon modernization, rolling stock conversion and production.

Repairs to be performed:


Repair of freight wagons:

  • Tanks
    * platforms
    * covered wagons
    * half wagons
  • Refrigerated wagons
  • Hopper wagons for transporting mineral fertilizers
  • Hopper wagons for transporting grain
  • Hopper wagons for transporting cement

Repair of freight car units:

  • Non-destructive inspection, repair and service life extension of bogie elements
  • Non-destructive inspection, repair of automatic coupling devices (auto couplings, dampers, traction clamps)
  • Regular and average repair of wheelsets (repair of axlebox assembly and restoration of rolling surface)
  • Overhaul of wheelsets (repair with replacement of elements)
  • xxx


    Rolling stock production:

    • Construction of shunting diesel locomotives


    Modernization of rolling stock:

  • Conversion of motor cars of electric trains into diesel trains or matrices (rail buses)
  • Conversion of passenger carriages into VIP passenger coaches
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    Repair of passenger cars:

  • Depot and overhaul of passenger cars
  • Depot and overhaul of baggage, mail and laboratory wagons
  • Extension of service life