SIA ``L-Ekspresis``

“L-Ekspresis” provides modernization and repair of rolling stock, provides a full cycle of processing and maintenance of trains, carrying out technical maintenance and repairs of cargo and passenger cars.

“L-Ekspresis” Ltd with 30 years of professional experience previously provided international railway passenger transportation on the routes Riga – Moscow – Riga, Riga – St. Petersburg – Riga and Riga – Minsk – Riga. The company was founded on November 15, 1993. The main direction of the company’s activity was the provision of international train traffic with the CIS countries, the sale of international train tickets and the provision of various types of carriage repair services.

Repairs to be performed:

  • rolling stock repair
  • depot and overhaul of passenger cars
  • depot and overhaul of baggage and mail wagons
  • depot and overhaul of freight and refrigerated wagons
  • repair of assemblies and aggregates of passenger and freight cars
  • modernization of passenger cars


In the company, large-scale depot reconstruction works were carried out, modern equipment and equipment were installed, improvements were made in technological processes, including the construction of a new boiler house, a station for the manufacture of wagon wheelsets, an additional station for the repair of wheelsets, a new warehouse was built, an extension to the existing depot building was created, which will provide new job positions.

One of the most important buildings is the wagon preparation building, where it is possible to completely clean the surfaces of the wagon bodies or large-sized parts from the old paint using the metal abrasive blasting method, as well as renew the painting of the wagons, ensuring the entire technological chain of this process. Thanks to the purchase of new machinery and equipment, the company can also offer internal and external washing of railway tanks and hydraulic testing of tanks of all volumes in operation.

As part of the depot modernization project, extensive reconstruction and renovation works of external and internal networks have been carried out, a new transformer substation has been installed.


``L-Ekspresis`` mission

To provide high-quality repairs of railway passenger and freight wagons at an international level.

The purpose of ``L-Ekspresis``

To become a leading company in the Baltic market, performing high-quality repairs of railway passenger and freight wagons.

``L-Ekspresis`` quality policy

The employees of the organization undertake to repair, maintain and modernize passenger and freight wagons in accordance with regulatory acts and customer requirements.
The long-term goal of the organization is to make a permanent profit based on a high level of customer service in quality repair work. In order to fulfill the long-term goal of the organization, it is necessary to fulfill all priorities related to the development of the organization:
• Maintaining long-term relations with customers;
• Ensuring high-quality, safety-guaranteed technical repairs, maintenance and modernization of rolling stock for all customers;
• Compliance with regulatory requirements;
• Independent assessment of the delivered component products, materials and equipment, services;
• Independent training of employees to ensure the necessary qualifications;
• Independent maintenance and improvement of the Quality Management System.

Our employees

Employees are our main asset. Our employees are professional, self-confident and communicative colleagues who have very good technical knowledge in the field of railway transport. Together, we know how to work efficiently and relax passionately. Our employees can be described as very versatile – they travel, photograph, play sports, collect, sing, dance, study and do many other interesting things.


Our employees are ambitious enough to respond to the challenges offered by the company and continue to build their careers directly in our company. Development is unthinkable without investments in continuous improvement of professional competence. We carefully evaluate the available training offers, looking for the most suitable ones for achieving the goals set by each employee. We have countless success stories about employees who have dedicated a large part of their lives to the company and continue to work in the team today. We are proud of them! Achieving big goals becomes possible only when the company and the employee cooperate with each other – one trusts, the other dares.


Funds are needed so that the employee can fully realize all his dreams and ideas. We offer our employees a stable salary and social security, and in addition all employees receive health and accident insurance. We pride ourselves on existing performance-based reward systems, which are therefore highly effective and motivating.