About us

L-Ekspresis LLC provides international passenger rail transportation routes Riga - Moscow- Riga, Riga- St. Petersburg - Riga. The company was established on 15 November 1993. 

The main activity of the company is ensuring international train communication with the CIS countries, international train ticket sale, luggage and cargo transportation and the provision of various passenger and cargo coach repair services. 

L-Ekspresis provides for the full range of train services, starting from training the staff, to repair of trains by ensuring the technical maintenance of all types of passenger coaches, regular and major repairs, unified technical inspection, compartment coach modernisation to increase passenger comfort and the service of restaurant coaches.  

L-Ekspresis’ mission
Ensuring international levels modern, convenient, safe and quality passenger train transportation between the Baltic States and the CIS countries. 

L-Ekspresis’ aim
To become the leading modern company on the Baltic market in providing international land passenger transportation between the Baltic States and the CIS countries.